Naked Bartenders: Its All In The Name Of Charity!

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

There’s a special luncheon happening on Sunday (Jan 31st) at Black Pearl Bar, Melbourne in celebration of the customary 2009 ‘Australian Liquor Industry Awards’ (ALIA) ‘Best Bar’ who stunned the industry when they stripped all the way down to their birthday suits for charity!

Patrons and guests will be treated to a gourmet selection of food and discounted evening cocktails as well as opportunity to feast their eyes upon the cheeky bartenders as that took it all off for charity. The dinner price of $25 per head includes a copy of the calendar.

The eight featured staff members posed for tasteful shots with several group shots, with the most notable being December 2009 which featured Santa and various aptly positioned Christmas paraphernalia! Of course the highlight of the night is one for the ladies with the boys being auctioned off to the highest bidder of the day! The victor will win the bar-tender’s time to host bar lessons or perhaps bartend their own private party! Dressed in uniform of course!

What Do These Naked Pin-Up Boy Bartenders Have To Do With POSMarket You May Well Ask?
Although the bartending pinup boys may have had their moments of glamour photography and lime light; there’s a good chance that these same fellows appreciate the POS hospitality devices and electronic equipment that they use daily in their jobs.

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Who knows; perhaps we will see your bartenders featured as next year’s winning team if you decide to enter the Australian Liquor Industry Award’s (ALIA) in 2010!

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