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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

POSMarket Introduces the new electronic cash register range from Casio.

Sydney NSW - Monday, 30 June 2008 – Casio recently released its new range of electronic cash registers. Staying competitive in a growing industry, means keeping up to date with newly released technology. POSMarket is excited about this new release, adding to its ever growing range of cash registers and other point of sale equipment.

Casio have revamped its older models, bringing out a new stylish and sleek range suitable for any modern business, small or large. Starting with the SE-S300, a medium size entry level cash register, it comes with the choice of either a compact cash drawer or standard cash drawer. The SE-S300 features a large three line LCD display, popup customer display, PC communications and 25 programmable departments.

Stepping up a notch we have the SE-C300. With 72 PLU Keys on a flat keyboard and one of the few ECR’s on the market that are available in black, making its competitors look old and outdated. This is a classic example of the modern look Casio has brought to its new range.

The SE-C2000 is the new dual roll ECR. Similar in features to the SE-C300, it also comes in black and has two RS232 ports for easy PC communication or external printer access.

Over the years, POSMarket has demonstrated its knowledge and leadership in the point of sale market. Now with the release of Casio’s new range of electronic cash registers, POSMarket has demonstrated its competitive edge once again.

For more detailed information on the SE-S300, SE-C300 or the SE-C2000, please contact one of the friendly staff at POSMarket or check out the website .

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