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Monday, July 4, 2011

Wasp Barcode Technologies recently released Wasp Inventory Control v6. The Plano, Texas, based business felt this would add much value to businesses, especially during this recession. The system is equipped to track the location and the convenient access to any product. Wasp Barcode Technologies feels it will be extremely useful to both manufacturers and retailers. By using Wasp Inventory Control v6, which should be quickly adopted by many companies, users are allowed to accurately track inventory, greatly increasing the profit margin for the company employing Wasp Inventory Control v6. The system is the first to offer RF real time functionality.

The Wasp Inventory Control v6 offers the user three main advantages. Users have an increased level of visibility for stock. They have better records of where the inventory is located and receive instant updated reports on that inventory.

Those using the system get instant data using the 802.11 b./g/n network. Learning to use the Wasp Inventory Control v6 system is easy. Wasp Barcode Technologies offers businesses over 200 hours of training, which is easy to access. This training answers companies demand for a system that is easy to use and easy to implement.

Since all companies are different, Wasp Barcode Technologies offers three different editions. The simplest version is intended for small companies that want to use only one computer. This small system, known as the standard, comes with one PC license and one mobile license. The next step is the Professional system which offers five PC licenses and one mobile license. The last step is the Enterprise system. Intended for leading companies it offers unlimited PC licenses and five mobile licenses. These individual plans should provide significant flexibility, making it immensely useable for any company.

The introduction of this new system has allowed Wasp Barcode Technologies to triple the number of people employed in their RF functionality division. This increase in staff has allowed the company to provide even better localized customer service.

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