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Monday, March 29, 2010

Motion Computing® recently expanded their tablet PC docking and recharging accessories to offer businesses more mobility and portability options, according to their December 2009 press release.

Go-Anywhere Mobility
A few ounces heavier than the LE1700 tablet PC, Motion’s flagship Mobile J3400 Tablet PC offers longer battery operation with their “hot swap” battery exchange to all-day duration, but even that has grown recently. Now Motion offers the ReadyDock as well as electrical adapters for longer power options for businesses and industries.

The ReadyDock holds and charges up to an amazing twenty J3400 Tablet PC units, allowing instant use virtually any time. The connectivity these models offer ensure up-to-date file access from one unit to another, so businesses don’t lose time or efficiency uploading information from one unit to another. Just access data from the easy navigation system into the file needed on the home computer, and the information is displayed on your unit.

With the AC and DC charge adapters, you can still operate the J3400 Tablet PC in your car, in a restaurant, or in your home office in addition to your work site. Wherever you need to go, the J3400 is ready to go to work.

Durability On The Move
The Mobile J3400 Tablet PC now has Corning’s amazing Gorilla Glass™ that guards against screen damage as many others don’t. Impact resistance saves your backlit LCD from cracking with minor drops, and because the unit is fully sealed, even a small coffee spill or a hint of rain isn’t the potential catastrophe it once was. The shock-resistant rubber-coating gives the unit extra durability that takes on a rough environment without worry and allows an easy, comfortable grip.

Motion’s significant advancements of tablet PC technology, whether considering only the enhanced docking and charging options, or the overall package, offer far greater convenience, efficiency, durability, and mobility in their Mobile J3400 Tablet PC to meet virtually any business or industry need.

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