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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Motion Computing, a mobile computing and wireless communications innovator, has introduced new peripherals and software to enhance its line of tablet PCs. These enhancements include the ReadyDock with Ethernet, the Mobile RAM Dock with Lock and the Motion Medical Dictionary, and have allowed Motion's tablet PC's to better meet the wide-ranging needs of their clients

The ReadyDock with Ethernet is now the complete storage solution for the models Motion C5 MCA and the F5 Rugged Tablet PCs. The Ready Dock provides a secure place for storing and charging the tablet PC's when not in use, and automatically connects the tablets when they are stored via a 10/100 Mbps connection, allowing IT personnel remote access to control and manage each PC. The ReadyDock also charges the tablets during storage, and can be configured to handle five, ten, or twenty tablets. The ReadyDock is being manufactured by Advanced Technical Support , and will offer greater uninterrupted use for businesses in all industries.

The Mobile Ram Dock with Lock provides added security and more options for storing and charging the C5 MCA and the F5 Rugged Tablet PC. It can be mounted to poles, cabinets, walls and vehicles allowing devices to be stored more conveniently than before. Lightweight and thin, the Mobile Ram Dock also provides vibration protection, for harsh or mobile environments, and the lock provides additional security. It also offers full port replication and supports VGA, USB 2.0, and Ethernet docking. The Mobile Ram Dock is manufactured by Ram Mounting Systems, the industry-leader for customized mounting and docking solutions.

The Motion Medical Dictionary has been introduced with 250,000 commonly used healthcare terms. This now allows the Motion C5, F5, and J3400 the ability to translate handwritten directive directly into standard clinical language. By using standardized terms clinicians and healthcare personnel can expect enhanced accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

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