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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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Motion Computing has launched its new, state of the art, rugged tablet PC. This PC revolutionizes the way corporations do business with their company computers. The new tablet PC is rugged and built to withstand the abuse that many computers take by both personal users as well as corporate users.

Capacitive Dual Touch
The J3500 capacitive dual touch allows users to take advantage of all applications of Windows7 with a touch of the screen. No more trying to find something with a mouse pad, it is all at the fingertips, or in this case, a pen input. With the pen, fingerprints all over the screen are eliminated. There is even technology built in to distinguish between accidental touch and touch with the stylus, eliminating careless mistakes that are easily overlooked. Microsoft is even singing Motion’s praises with their own Eddie O’Brian saying that Motion has always been an innovator of mobile computing and this is the best yet for this company, allowing workers to utilize all applications while they are still in the field instead of waiting until they get back to the office. This not only saves the worker time, it also saves the company money.

New in the J3500 are four new features that are all sure to save time, money and hassle. These include: Extra durable corning gorilla glasstm; this offers a new durable glass on the screen of the PC which protects it up to four times better than standard glass found on other tablet PC’s. A new, enhanced storage system with an amazing 1600 GB hard disk drive (HDD), 64 GB or 128GB solid state drive (SSD) options both available and an unbelievable 4GB of RAM. The J3500 also now comes with a 3.0 Megapixel camera and Integrated Gobi2000tm mobile broadband with GPS.

This new, innovative rugged tablet PC is a must have for any corporation saving them time, money and hassle every day. It is perfect for any company who sends workers out into the field because they can now send notes and reports directly to their supervisor without having to wait until they get back to the office.

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