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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The new SigLiteColor 4.3 pad by Topaz Systems, Inc., brings even greater best-value convenience to its signature pad line, according to Topaz’s April 2009 press release.

Dual Access Plus Comfort
The SigLiteColor 4.3 brings to the signature pad table a small, compact design that allows equal comfort for both left-handed and right-handed signatures, complete with dual-vertical penholders that maximize convenience, and whose backlit display reduces eyestrain and glare. Easy scripting captures complete signatures, improving your at-register flow times and reduces wear and tear on your equipment.

Programmable Display
The full-colour, interactive, widescreen LCD display accepts programming that optimizes use lag time. It can display full-colour ads and other promotional information on the side the customer sees, increasing your sales potential while the customer is still on location and maximizing your advertising dollar.

The SigLiteColor 4.3 comes standard with operating software and full support for capture and authentication of signatures. The software can be downloaded and used at no cost; licensing is included with the unit, saving you even more! As with all Topaz signature pads, free support and unlimited updates translate into peace of mind and easy dependability.

And Still More
The SigLiteColor 4.3 offers bundled, software independent from the operating systems software that eliminates the need for additional, other-product downloads. The additional programs include Active-X, Java, and C Library toolkits, and several others. The unit also includes a highlight function, streamlining contract review options. Step-by-step instructions with colour cues make this product easy to learn and easy to use, improving overall efficiency by decreasing the learning time. The large screen displays over 1024 characters—one of the industry’s greatest volumes.

Additional desktop and web plug-in support come standard with Topaz signature pads and with the new SigLiteColor 4.3.

The SigLiteColor 4.3, backed by a one-year warranty, packs value and convenience into a sleek, compact, multi-function package!

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