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Monday, July 18, 2011

In the world of technology, RFID has come a long ways and Trimble, a company that customizes RFID solutions based on application program interface, reported enhancements to reader modules. Trimbles “ThingMagic” products are getting added functionality that will help to develop these enhancements and will be available through a firmware upgrade. The firmware upgrade will be optimizing many operations and add support for the large number of applications that require high-performance under certain conditions. Two of the enhancements include capability to read RFID tags that are moving in a fast paced environment and improved read time to help reduce the amount of time data is written on the tags.

RFID tags have been in the news with regards to information on the tags being stolen or used against companies that use the tags. Support for advanced features will also be included in the firmware upgrade. Commands that enhance security and support for tamper alarms and switch and battery reporting. Other features included in the update will fight against counterfeiting EPC values and the ability to identify tags without having to add unique identifiers to each tag that is made.

The new version of the ThingMagic MercuryAPI adds much needed Java support for app development and C-API support, as well. Other than the upgraded API, the MercuryAPI will support Java, “C” and .NET universally across the entire product line. The RFID reader products will reduce the “time-to-market” with the custom platform giving developers an advantage to create solutions. The main thing about RFID tags is that it will allow a company to track all assets, products or otherwise, keep an eye on theft and help with lose prevention, all while keeping the bottle line nice and neat. Advancing this technology is needed and will benefit companies and customers alike over the long term.

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