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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Introducing the new line of barcode scanners from Nexa, the ZED range...

They are a complete revamp of the Nexa handheld range, with new ergonomics, higher performance, stylish design and an outstanding 3 year replacement warranty.

There are 3 new models available:

ZED 1600 Laser Scanner
This is the replacement for the popular Nexa LS-6150+ scanner. It has an incredibly fast 1D Laser scanner, and includes a hands free presentation stand.

It has a "plug and play" USB cable interface, and works with any POS System that uses a USB interface.

This is the most cost efficient barcode scanner currently on the market.

ZED 2600 2D Scanner
This is Nexa's 2D Handheld barcode scanner, which gives you advanced 2D scanning for the price of a cheap 1D scanner.

It is the perfect scanner for scanning normal 1D product barcodes, along with QR codes which are commonly used for Coupons and Loyalty cards. It will even allow you to scan directly off phones and screens.

It has a "plug and play" USB cable interface, and works with any POS System that uses a USB interface.

If you are looking to upgrade your scanners to take advantage of 2D barcodes, the ZED 2600 is the perfect model.

ZED 2650 2D Wireless Scanner
The ZED 2650 is the most cost effective and easy to use 2D Cordless scanner on the market. Simply plug in the USB dongle to your PC or POS System and start scanning.

With a range of up to 100m, a Batch Memory up to 40,000 Scans and a 16 hour continuous use life, the ZED 2650 has high end features at an amazing price.
With a 3 year replacement warranty and incredible reliability, you can have 2D cordless scanning at the price of a corded 1D scanner.

To celebrate the release of the Nexa ZED range, all 3 models are currently on special until the end of June.

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