Opticons PHL8000-Series Upgrades Increase Durability

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The recent upgrades to the PHL8000 series multi-application devices boosted reliability and durability for business applications, per Opticon’s March 2009 press release.

Increased Durability
The IP65 upgrade of both the PHL8112 numeric keypad device and the PHL8212 full keypad device elevates the durability ratings of the reliable PHL8000 series.

The units are now rated as dust-tight and offer water-jet protection, reducing business concerns about scanning, PDA, and customizable operations in less-than-ideal conditions.

Quick Operational Status
Opticon’s PHL8112 numeric data entry unit optimizes instant-use scanning capability straight from the storage box. The unit comes fully loaded with required software, allowing businesses to simply charge the unit and put it to work. Dual charging platforms expand charging capabilities to not only the primary battery but also to a back-up battery.

The PHL8212 PDA also decreases operational delay with full-range, pre-loaded software and allows additional PDA operations via the full keyboard presentation.

High-Functionality Options
The PHL8000 series models utilize the familiar Windows CE platform, which reduces potential lag times and learning curves. The operating system pairs with a 520 MHz-Intel Processor for high-speed operations and ease of use.

The 128-MHz Random Access Memory eliminates slow-dragging operations of multiple programs or procedures, often skyrocketing businesses’ multi-tasking capabilities.

Bluetooth or WLAN technology options grant remote connectivity and enhance efficiency with instant communications capability whether via email or data transmissions.

The one-button send feature allows uncomplicated operations, and the one-button reset function reduces the error rate in saved data, boosting transmission confidence and efficiency.

Additional Pre-Loaded Software
Beyond dedicated operations software, the PHL8212 enhanced PDA device comes standard with document and communication programs. Wordpad, MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer, ActiveSync, and others, enable businesses to expand operations, data storage, and communications within multiple platforms.

Businesses bask in increased efficiency, reduced down times, and enhanced operations in rugged environments with the PHL8112 and PHL8212 upgraded units from Opticon.

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