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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Motorola’s Symbol LS3578 Rugged Bar Code Scanner series bring efficiency, cost-savings, and durability to businesses and industries operating in tough conditions.

The Symbol LS3578-ER brings a scanning field depth of .25 inches to 45 feet (6.4 cm to 13.7 m), avoiding rescanning from too short or too long of distance, while granting the ability to scan a bar code up to forty-five feet from the scanning lens, depending on bar code size. Even if the bar code was dirty or smudge, the user could still stand up to 45 feet away and scan every bar code large enough from a single spot, erasing stop-and-go scanning delays. The 650-nm laser, aiming dot assures capturing data with pinpoint confidence from even that far away, saving time, effort, and money.

The Symbol LS3578-FZ brings a scanning field depth of 1 to 24 inches (2.5 to 61 cm ) and the ability to capture very small barcodes, different than the LS3578-ER model, but it offers the same benefits to businesses and industries:
· Pinpoint accuracy.
· Mobility.
· Fuzzy image scanning ability.

Both the Symbol LS3578-ER and the Symbol LS3578-FZ offer businesses a tested ability to withstand repeated 6.5-ft. (2m) drops onto concrete and still perform magnificently. They also provide a seal rated at IP65, protecting against dust and water—both elements that can cause damage to equipment in virtually any warehouse, plant, or retail business, whether indoors or out. Both the LS3578-ER model and the –FZ model withstand a tremendous glare quotient from either indoor or outdoor lighting, giving industries an unilaterally mobility option.

Both models in the LS3578-series bar code scanners offer compatibility with multiple interface options and allow remote scanning management, and all while presenting advance data formatting, a 650-nm laser aiming dot to ensure accurate scanning from distances, allowing businesses maximized performance.

The Symbol LS3578-Series Bar Code Scanners highly optimize for businesses and industries, whether scanning is indoors or outdoors, convenience, efficiency, and productivity.

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