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Monday, September 5, 2011

A sale takes place in the store's point of sale system. In the past, point of sale systems was mainly mechanical. The cash registers, the bookkeeping and pretty much everything else is slow and prone to human errors. But with the technology available these days, touch screen point of sale systems have been replacing the old and outdated mechanical point of sale systems in all parts of the country.

In the past, a clerk needs to fill up ledgers and punch cash registers in getting a sale done. With the rise of touch screen LCD's, point of sale systems now are updated real time. Recording and processing may have been a thing of great complication in the past but today, it is as easy as pie. Electronic point of sale systems are usually connected to a master computer, say that of the business owner or the manager. As the sale clerk inputs the details of the sale, the manager, the owner or the one who has access to the computer can see the sale as well.

Efficiency is the main selling point of touch screen point of sales systems. As everything is fast and accurate, business owners can prevent problems before it actually occurs. Take the case of returned items; if that particular brand or design is returned by a lot of buyers, then something is probably wrong with it. Using the old method of pint of sale systems, it will take a week or so before it can be traced but if you are using an electric point of sale system that feeds the mother computer real time, a day or so is all it needs for these discrepancies to be noticed.

Regardless of the industry, customer satisfaction is the primary objective of business. While point of sale systems may not be what the customers taste, feel or use, it must be noted that it plays a very important role in keeping the customer’s satisfied. Business owners can effectively keep track of items which doing good in sales as well as those that does do that much good. It is like preventing dissatisfaction before it can actually occur.

With the technology available these days, to be inefficient is a same as committing a crime. There is no point in sticking to the usual when there are better and faster methods of getting things done. Yes, the mechanical point of sales may have helped merchants and business owners for a long period of time but its time to move on with the more efficient, more accurate and faster electronic touch screen point of sales systems.

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