Printing Barcode Labels for Your Business - Part 1

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Barcode labels help you streamline your business and are used on products for sale and in asset management applications. This article will help you choose the correct labeling solution for your business.

• Label Size: Labels are available in various sizes and printed on different materials. Labels may require a special die depending on your requirements. It is less expensive to use a size that your label manufacturer has in stock, but ultimately, order a size and type that fit your requirements.
• Common Material Used: You can use many materials for your label. Some of the more common types are as follows:
o Paper – This is the most common. It is not suitable for outdoor use unless laminated. It is the least expensive and used for high turnover applications.
o Polypropylene – This material works well for labeling containers that are not exposed to UV rays. It does not perform well outdoors. It does work well in damp conditions.
o Vinyl – Vinyl is a more heat resistant material for labels. It does require a mesh backing.
o Polyester – Polyester does not need a mesh backing. It is tolerant to UV rays and is very durable. It is a perfect label for all environments including the outdoors.
o Aluminum – Labels made from aluminum are very permanent and used primarily for labeling equipment. They are attached with a bolt, screw, or rivet.

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