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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Datalogic's Innovative QuickScan QD2100 General Purpose Corded Handheld Linear Imager Bar Code Reader brings adaptability, flexibility, and efficiency to new heights for small or large businesses and industries.

Combined Comfort and Convenience
The QuickScan QD2100 scanner smoothly combines functionality with ergonomic comfort into a lightweight, comfortable bar code reader that allows high throughput rates while maximizing accuracy. Operations in both handheld and optional hands-free modes via optional gooseneck holders or Multi-Purpose stands enhance versatility to high- or low-volume scanning procedures and optimize customer convenience as well as scanning process efficiency.

Alignment Accuracy Assured
The QuickScan QD2100 Imager presents not only linear alignment with the single laser line but also optimizes scan accuracy with a confirmation dot centered horizontally to ensure complete bar code scanning, therefore, reducing incomplete or inaccurate scanning procedures. One-scan assurance maximizes cost and work efficiency every time. The model further ensures accuracy with audio confirmation with volume control. Red-green visual confirmation along side volume-adjustable audio confirmation minimizes practical error and duplication of effort, maximizing scanning work-flow.

The QuickScan Imager also resists scanning interference with direct exposure to office light and direct sunlight, further ensuring the smoothest scanning flow without repeated back-tracking that wastes time and effort.

Connectivity Options
The QD2100 Imager Bar Code Reader encompasses Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, Wand, and USB, along with other configuration options to fully meet business or industry needs and is fully compatible with IBM 46XX cash registers. The model line is WMI compatible, as well, to ensure smooth installation and operational control.

Durability Confirmed
QuickScan QD2100 units surpassed multiple drop tests of distances up to 5 feet (1.524 m) and withstands operating temperatures from 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (0-50 degrees Celsius), well earning the standard factory warranty of five years.

Datalogic's QuickScan QD2100 General Purpose Imager Bar Code Reader scans businesses and industries ahead of the competition.

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