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Monday, March 21, 2011

A new system was announced September 9, 2010 from FR Code. The system is a combination of both infrared technology and radio frequency identification. It is used to keep tabs on all the different locations of individuals of I.T. assets. It can be located right down to the level of the rack.

The goal of the system is to give data centers managers to be able to have a full automated way to track the I.T. assets. This method will not be relied on doing inventory manually. For example: using bar codes.

Since the manual way of tracking inventory can lead to in accuracies, but with the new system there will be less chances of loosing money, and not being able to find the money after mistakes may be made.

The system of R F Code contents:
Each track has a control box.
Two adhesive strips that is infrared, that is attached to the control box.
Asset tags that are infrared that is attached to the individual server.
Mounted active radio frequency and identification readers on the ceiling.
The R F Code software is able to read streams of data that has been tagged that contains a unique I D tag .

It is designed to be installed very easily, according to the Vice President of the product of development of the R F Code, Chris Gaskin.

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