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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

An integration of technology in the RW420, mobile computer from Motorola with a portable palette
In Lincolnshire, Illinois, on 16 December 2010, Zebra Technologies (NASDAQ; ZBRA) announced the release of their best and latest cutting edge technology Motorola RW420 route palette; a device that was designed to handle all field work accounting and sales entries. This one has so far saved a lot of companies more money in providing handy ready to use services at any point in the fields. It was enhanced with newer and better features to allow it to work in integration with the MC9500, which was then Motorola’s newest hand held industrial operations device
Marty Johnson, the product marketing manager for Zebra said that the products was designed to handle the harsh demands of mobile computing in the field for mobile workforces.

“The RW 420 route palette is the only device that is compatible with the hand held MC 9500 series of handheld terminals.” She said. At the same time, Jim Hilton the Director, Manufacturing Industry Solutions for Motorola said “the ruggedness and durability of the two devices, the MC9500 and the RW420 route palette increases productivity in the field by making computing work a lot easier for the mobile workforce.”

As a very easy to operate device, this is one of the most innovative to date. All that the worker has to do is to hold it over the arm like a printer’s palette and print receipts, enter data and do many other related activities. Made to charge from the same charger simultaneously with the MC9500, this product saves money, time and space. There is a number of series of the RW 420s that work with MC9500. Call +1 800 452 4056 for more information.

About zebra technologies NASDAQ ZBRA, this is a provider of innovative solutions in state of the art software and hardware for printers. Such improves the in-the-field business efficiency for the mobile workforce upon which many companies rely.

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