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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Qantas Airlines is introducing a new way for people to check-in. Qantas has launched a new mobile technology platform that with allow fliers to check-in to their flights through the usage of their phones. The technology is available only through smartphones, and is part of Qantas' Next Generation Check-In Initiative.

The new check-in platform works by having users display a two dimensional barcode that is sent to them by text message. After the barcode has been sent, it is taken to the gate reader and scanned right from the phone. After successful scanning a receipt is printed containing information relating to flight details and seat location.

As an added bonus to frequent flyer members using the Mobile Check-in program they can check their flight's arrival and departure times for Qantas Club locations worldwide. It even offers the option to display contact numbers of all Qantas offices, if needed for frequent fliers.

Alan Joyce, chief executive at Qantas released a statement that it was just one of the many things designed to reduce the amount of time taken when a customer is boarding a flight. He said, ""Enhancing the customer experience by increasing speed and ease through our airports is the key driver for the Qantas Next Generation Check-In project," he said. "Our research showed us our customers wanted more control over their travel experience. They want to be able to check-in before they even arrive at the airport and then move quickly through the airport to board their flight."

By taking the initiative to reduce the time it takes to board a flight Qantas is making it easier for people to get to their destinations on time and without the normal hassles that they might normally experience. By combining ticketing with smartphones Qantas is making a large improvement on wait times.

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