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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

No matter how carefully planned, starting a business is going to involve encountering unanticipated risks and problems that often cause angst far out of proportion to what they really represent.

These minor distractions and even those that are of a decidedly major nature can halt progress dead and lead to delays that can generate mental stress and feelings of intense frustration.

One way to minimise the impact of situations such as this is to maintain the correct perspective. Most people feel happy when the events of their daily lives seem to represent progress in a positive direction toward the achievement of some goal or dream and developing a system that contributes to this feeling will go a long way towards helping you to deal effectively with the typical obstacles that everyone has to deal with in the course of establishing a business.

Do Something Different
There are times when walking away from a problem is a valid technique. If you have the type of personality that approaches problems with a dogged determination to solve the problem before anything else can happen, you are actually guilty of stubbornness, not persistence. Stubbornness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a positive outcome. Persistence is doing something over and over because it is producing a desired outcome.

Remember That Everything is Okay
Foster an attitude of being grateful for everything that is going in the right direction. It does not make you a bad person because perfection in all things is eluding you. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are often convinced that they only way they can enjoy a successful venture is if they do it completely on their own.

It often catches them by surprise that they are not the first persons to ever be confronted with the problem that is temporarily baffling them, or that others might be willing to share a solution that once discovered, seems simple and obvious.

No matter how daunting and unconquerable your challenges, remember that everything is okay and it will be just a matter of time until things sort themselves out.

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