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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Sustainability Yearbook 2010, provided by the SAM Group and published on January 26, 2010, has acknowledged Japanese based Seiko Epson Corporation ("Epson", TSE: 6724) as a Sustainability Leader in the computer and office equipment industry and also places Epson in the Silver Class overall, a vast improvement over 2008's Bronze Class status. The Epson Group accomplished this impressive task by maintaining excellence in each of its sustainability endeavors, for example: its CSR program, its trust-based management initiatives, its product quality, and other notable improvements made to the environment.

The SAM Group is a well-known and respected social responsibility investment (SRI) research company that annually rates 1,200 companies' sustainable growth potential across one hundred criteria that include economic, social, and environmental performance in close accordance with PricewaterhouseCoopers. This year, two hundred and forty six companies in fifty eight sectors were reviewed which breaks down to ninety seven in the Gold Class, eighty four in the Silver Class, and sixty five in the Bronze Class. Epson, however, was placed among the top seven Sustainability Leaders in the "Computer Hardware and Electronic Office Equipment" sector.

Due to Epson's commitment to sustainable growth and to meeting its Environmental Vision 2050, the company has been elevated from the Bronze to the Silver Class. After only recently becoming a competitor in both the Sustainability Yearbook and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI)--which is also administered by the SAM Group, the Epson Group, consisting of 70,000 employees across 106 companies worldwide, is extremely motivated to maturing its CSR program and developing its trust-based management initiatives. Epson Corporation provides compact, energy saving, and high precision technology such as printers, projectors, and other electronic and crystal devices for both the business and home office with a special emphasis on both contributing to the community and preserving the environment.

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