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Monday, April 30, 2012

These days, touch screen pos are selling like hot potatoes. The fact that it is touch screen makes it an instant attention-grabber to possible buyers. Just like phones, tablets and computer with touch screen interface, pos with this feature are very easy to use hence, their popularity. However, it must be noted that not everyone knows how this technology works. Remember that if you know how things work, you will know how to manage it effectively. Similar to any other gadget with touch screen, monitors with this capability is composed of three components in its mechanism.

These three are as follows:
First on the list is the touch sensor of the touch screen pos. This panel is the one that responses to touch. There is a system that is used in these touch sensors though it must be noted that the most common is the resistive system. There are also surface acoustic wave systems as well as capacity system used in mobile phones. In general, these sensors run on electrical current where touching can cause change in the voltage. This voltage then travels in the system and sends signals in the area where the touching took place.
Another important component of the touch screen pos is the controller. This is basically a hardware component that effectively controls and converts the changes in the voltage caused by the touching which the device whether it is a mobile phone, a tablet computer or a touch screen pos intelligently receives and interprets.

Last but definitely not the least among the three touch screen pos component is the software which is basically it brains. This component dictates gadgets like monitors with touch screen capability, Smartphone with touch screen interface and other device about what is happening in the sensor coupled with the information that comes from the controller.

By understanding these three different components of touch screen makes it easier to understand and manage. There is no need to memorize these components by heart as the idea would be more than enough to comprehend and apply when using touch screen stuff.

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