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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wasp Technologies Corporation proudly announced in February the release of its upgraded Wasp MobileAsset v6 asset tracking software, projected to save small and medium-sized businesses thousands of dollars annually.

Group Command and Control
The upgraded Wasp MobileAsset v6 asset tracking software has enabled managers to combine many previously one-at-a-time functions and procedures that now save businesses countless hours and delays.

Updating asset records used to take untold hours and cost companies thousands of dollars annually. With the upgraded MobileAsset v6, all it takes just a few minutes. With group processing managers can update asset location, disposition, even maintenance records en masse instead of individually, saving manhours, avoiding duplication of effort, and missing maintenance altogether.

Security and Maintenance Tracking
Scheduling asset maintenance has never been easier. Set schedules by type, or group—not only by unit—for full control. Tracking maintenance costs, as well, fully integrating maintenance projections and manageability. Controlling maintenance costs has never been easier or more efficient.

Tighten asset security with Wasp MobileAsset v6. Manage information or accessibility security levels by work group or department. Create customized filters. Streamline check-in and check-out procedures by allowing check-out with no set due date—no more repeat signing out when the system says it’s due back. MobileAsset v6 allows managers to transfer assets from one user to another from the computer system, reducing “hurry up and wait” time, resulting in lost work time and a reduction in departmental efficiency.

Efficiency Continues
Condensing work effort isn’t finished yet. With Wasp MobileAsset v6, businesses can now print asset tags, badges, and location labels from the corresponding customized lists in the computer system, further streamlining operations with smoother, more efficient workflow.

MobileAsset v6 asset tracking software even gives you the option of adding to your asset records a hyperlink. If there is a document, brochure, or specification page accessed often, add a direct link in the asset record, vastly decreasing “search” time.

With the upgraded Wasp MobileAsset v6 asset tracking software, asset management just got less expensive, less time consuming, and a whole lot more convenient.

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