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Friday, March 20, 2020

As news of the Corona virus spreads, many workers have realized that they need to disinfect their work stations. You can wash your own hands, but you can't be sure that everyone else in the office also washed theirs. This means that any shared keyboards, mice, or other tech accessories could be at risk of contamination.

Tech items are often used by multiple people, especially in office environments. But despite being major points of contact, most tech items are actually incredibly difficult to disinfect. Screens can be scratched and electronics can be damaged when cleaned. They might be plastic on the surface, but most tech items will stop working if they're exposed to moisture or sanitizing solutions.

Luckily, Seal Shield's Range of Washable Anti-Microbial Keyboards and Anti-Microbial Mice are waterproof and disinfectant-safe. Spray them with water or douse them in hand sanitiser, and they'll keep working just the same. These medical-grade items can handle any disinfection routine and are an excellent solution to the sanitisation problem.

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