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Monday, April 5, 2010

Huge conglomerates aren’t the only business structures that can effectively track and manage inventory and assets with Wasp’s comprehensive barcode product lines. Small and medium-sized businesses can amplify cost savings, ramp up efficiency, and heighten customer confidence using barcode technology.

Barcode Scanners
From the WLS9500 series laser barcode scanners to the WSP150 Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner, the business owner receives outstanding durability, precision, and speed whether the scanners are used in a pristine office or the dustiest warehouse. Virtually no training is required with these models; they easily give accurate readings of one-dimensional barcodes even if the stickers are damaged or poorly printed. Wide working ranges, tremendous motion tolerances, and scanning distances simply make the scanners--all supported by either a USB or PS/2 connection and most Windows™ operating systems--easy decisions to make to reduce inventory control man-hours and improve asset management ease, efficiency, and cost savings.

Barcode Printers
Wasp leads the industry pack in barcode printers. Ranging from the heavy duty WPL610 Barcode Printer, printing at 12 inches per second, to the lighter-use WPL205 Barcode Printer, printing at 5 inches per second, all Wasp barcode printers serve your inventory needs. Most models offer both direct thermal and thermal transfer, eliminating the need for multiple barcode printers. The WPL610 model, the medium to heavy-use WPL604 and WPL608 Industrial models, as well as the WPL305 and the WPL205 desktop models, support their fast printing with high allotted operating DRAM and FLASH memory capacities. They all easily integrate with most Windows™ operating systems and have multiple connectivity options. Whichever model you chose, you can easily improve your costs, efficiency, and reliability in inventory control procedures.

Barcode Software
The Wasp software line complements your Wasp hardware and offers a wide range of programming needs. TheBarcodeMaker barcode software creates barcodes that are fully traceable in Microsoft Office™ products, so you don’t spend money on additional product license fees. It offers 13 separate one-dimensional barcode emblem designs for fuller versatility. If customizing your labels fits your needs, the WaspLabeler barcode labeling software is for you. Complete with over 20 design templates and the ability to import your existing files, versatility is yours to claim. The MobileAsset Asset tracking software package makes sure you know where your assets are and who is using them at any given moment. The check in/check out program grants full accountability—no more lost hours spent hunting for that missing laptop! The Inventory Control Inventory tracking softwarevirtually eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual inventory count and accountability, potentially saving you thousands of dollars every year.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
Wasp POS products are nearly legion in both count and variety. All are specialized to meet your POS needs. Regardless of whether you have a one-store business or a multi-store chain, the QuickStore line of POS solutionsstand ready to ease your inventory control burden. The RapidStart POS Solution, the Pro Solution, or the Multi-Store POS Solution all provide quick, accurate, efficient, and easy-to-use durability and accuracy. The Complete Point of Sale Hardware Kit complements your already-owned software package, ideal if you are upgrading your systems. The separate Point of Sale software package pairs with your existing Wasp hardware kit. Cash drawers, receipt printers, and POS keyboards, as well as display stands and slot or magnetic strip readers, complete your inventory control and asset management in-store needs while reducing effort and overhead—and virtually eliminating exorbitant costs of replacing lost materiel.

Specialized Kits
Itemized purchases may need your inventory and asset control needs, but when you need bundles of hardware and software to simplify your configuration, Wasp provides WaspNest options.

WaspNest is a combined suite of products that provides both hardware and software that comes with a barcode scanner, connectivity cables, a WaspLabeler, label- and tag-creating software, and basic inventory and asset tracking software. To further simply, you use the same basic software to track your assets as you do your inventory. You choose from four different barcode scanners to best serve your needs:
• A Laser barcode scanner, the most versatile with the longest read-range distance;
• A CCD barcode scanner, a moderate-use model;
• A CCD LR barcode scanner, a long scanning range, moderate-use model; or
• A wand/pen barcode scanner, the lowest priced model for simpler applications.

Mobile Asset Tracking
The Mobile 1000 Asset Tracking Solution is a mobile computer whose accompanying software easily tracks your valuable and important assets. The software comes complete with programs that not only keeps track of your equipment but also allows you to design your labels to best fit your needs; the Mobile 1000 operates via the Windows Mobile 5.0 system. The Mobile 1000 Complete Kit also provides a WPL305 barcode printer and asset tags and ribbon.

The Mobile 1200 Asset Tracking Solution is a Windows CE 5.0-driven mobile computer specializing in asset tracking and control which presents barcode label design options that adapt to your unique needs. The Mobile 1200 Complete Kit also provides a WPL305 barcode printer and asset tags and ribbons to meet full-system, asset-tracking goals.

Additional Products
Not yet finished, Wasp productivity and efficiency products extend to other management concerns, as well. Small and medium-sized businesses can take full advantage of Wasp’s industry-leading status in the time and attendance arena, too.

The WaspTime Standard – Biometric Time and Attendance System features a thumb-print recognition system that eliminates time cards and pinpoints employee attendance and timeliness. The large digital window leaves no doubt who is coming and going. Directly linked to payroll, it completely obliterates manual computation of time sheets.

The WaspTime Standard – Barcode Time and Attendance System is a step ahead of time card systems. The employee swipes his encoded employee badge, and attendance and timeliness information is sent directly to payroll. The barcode system simplifies your payroll computation needs and eliminates paperwork and cures the Lost or Wrong Time Card Syndrome.

The Only “End” In Sight
Inventory and asset control worries evaporating; productivity and efficiency maximizations matched by profitability increases—those are good goals. And they are very realistic ones when you use Wasp barcode technology in your tracking solutions. Boost your bottom line by exterminating problems with Wasp products!

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