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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Zebra Technologies Corporation leaps to the business solutions forefront as mentioned in their 10 January 2010 press release. Recently honoured as one of the best channel vendors by Business Solutions Magazine, Zebra leads the industry with their high-powered, multi-function printers. Considering the additions to their product lines, the accolade comes as no surprise.

Duality Has Singular Superiority
The ZXP Series 8™ retransfer card printer elevates “versatility” to a new standard. From speed to function to print sides, this model is a real workhorse.

At 190 full-colour, single-side cards per hour, the ZXP Series 8™ hardly plods along. The fantastic 170 full-colour, dual-side cards per hour, compliments of the patent-pending simultaneous dual-sided image transfer process, hands you fantastic execution options for your card printing processes. Built to hold up to one hundred fifty 30-mil cards, the optional locking card feeder ensures that you won’t lose any during the card feed process. Single- or dual-sided lamination and smooth-card or textured-card print options are available for your convenience, too. The ZXP Series 8™ even bestows dual connection options, as well. Use either USB or the 10/100 Ethernet port to best meet your configuration needs. Backed by a solid two-year printer head warranty and advanced optional service packages, the ZXP Series 8™ retransfer printer deserves the Zebra name.

High-Performance, Indeed
Advancements and enhancements elevate the Xi4™ high-performance printers into the rafters.

The 40% increase in printing speed in select models revs up your Xi4™ experience to new heights. The large LCD screen eases eyestrain and as well as the set-up process. Customize your LCD content and navigation program to your needs and specifications. The Xi4™ printers boast increased memory capacity to offer more formats, graphics, and fonts than ever before. Easier set-up, single computer control, auto-configuration, and customisable menus comprise convenience, versatility, and manageability package reinforced by an early warning system that notifies you in the early stages of a break-down situation, not only maximizing your efficiency but also reducing your down-time.

Zebras: Not Industry Lambs
Sacrificing productivity for convenience is never an option with Zebra’s new entries in their printer lines.

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