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Friday, April 23, 2010

Zebra’s QL 320 Plus and QL 420 Plus Mobile Printers bring enhanced security and durability to wireless printing environments for businesses beyond the office walls.

High-Speed Security
The QL 320 Plus and the QL 420 Plus boast high speed processing with 8 MB Flash and 16 MB RAM to rush data from terminal to label media. QuickLink connectivity ensures reliable transfer of data and complex applications while on the move.

Both direct thermal printers proudly offer enhanced wireless security, locking sensitive and confidential information away from unauthorized intercepts and safeguarding inventory specifications, pallet content, price lists, and customer information, to name only a few warehouse or commercial industry applications. Even the medical industry benefits from the wireless security by improving the protection of patient and treatment information and records.

The models’ printing parameters promise quick, high-quality labels. The QL 320 Plus prints at four inches (102 mm) per second on 2.9-inch (73.6 mm) wide media, and the QL 420 Plus prints at three inches (76 mm) per second on four-inch maximum width media. Both present easy readability with a 203 dpi resolution in five fonts from 12 to 48 point height, additional downloadable fonts from Label Vista software, and even international character fonts for wide application versatility.

The options don’t stop there. Both direct thermal printers enable use of graphics, line and box drawing features, PCX, and are bitmap supported, tremendously expanding flexibility in meeting businesses’ requirements and preferences.

Durable Convenience
The QL 320 Plus Mobile Printer and the QL 240 Plus Mobile Printer are USB-supported for fast, secure file transfer, and the rubber infused plastic protects the units from rough-and-tumble wear and tear, saving industries from avoidable maintenance and replacement costs.

The OpenACCESS element presents easy media swap and offers center-loading media loading to reduce downtime and eases the set-up process from differing print jobs, promoting both productivity and efficiency for industries that have little time to waste.

The QL 320 Plus and the QL 420 Plus Mobile Printers solidly set wireless security in the folds of versatility, productivity, and low costs for discerning businesses and industries.

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