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Saturday, April 10, 2010

It is no wonder Zebra Technologies considers its Xi4-Series tabletop printers the anchor series of its barcode printer line. The advancements announced in Zebra’s October 2009 press release offer magnificent advantages for small and medium-sized businesses in meeting their inventory control printing requirements.

The 110Xi4
Tagged as the flagship of the barcode printer line, the 110Xi4 tabletop printer increases printing rates to full ink ahead of up to 14 inches (356 mm) per second, completing your barcode printing quickly and smoothly. The large, multi-lingual LCD screen comfortably displays customizable content, easily adapting to customer needs. The 110Xi4 smoothly generates top-side and bottom-side circuit board labeling, product identification, diagnostic kits, and many other applications, awarding you the efficiency, versatility, and convenience you deserve.

The 140Xi4
The 140Xi4 tabletop printer brings to you printing rates up to 14 inches (356 mm) per second on widths up to 5 inches (128 mm) for quicker batch productivity. The 140Xi4 has the large, multi-lingual LCD for easy reading of fully customizable content. The barcode printer gifts you with flexible connectivity options, and advanced LCD or email low-ribbon or –media alerts for early notification to avoid losing momentum in your work flow. Versatility and convenience are yours to claim in the 140Xi4 tabletop printer.

The 170Xi4
At 12 inches 305 mm) per second at a 6.6-inch (168 mm) width, the 170Xi4 is one of the fastest wide-width industrial printers on the market. It also has the standard large-screen LCD and the multi-lingual and customizable content for your convenience. Able to print large rolls of labels, your workflow isn’t stifled by the need to change rolls often, increasing your work efficiency.

The 220Xi4
The 220Xi4 tabletop printer cranks out 8.5-inch (216 mm) wide labels at an astonishing 10 inches (254 mm) per second. This model easily handles your label needs from paper to specialty labels/tag stock such as HAZMAT labeling, pallet or container labeling, and other applications, giving you adaptability and efficiency at a touch.

The Xi4-Series
The entire line of Xi4-Series tabletop barcode printers offers convenience, speed, versatility, and efficiency. Choosing just one could be difficult.

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