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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zebra’s LP 2844 Direct Thermal and TLP 2844 Thermal Transfer printers invite businesses and high-paced industries to enjoy greater versatility and efficiency in meeting their label printing needs.

User-Friendly Design
Both the LP 2844 and the TLP 2844 sit comfortably on a desktop, allowing businesses to maximize placement. The LP 2844 stands only 6.7 inches (170 mm) tall, with the TPL 2844 standing at 7.9 inches (201 mm), easily fitting into available space. They offer connectivity through the familiar USB ports or user-friendly Serial RS-232 or parallel configurations, expanding communications options to the master terminals.

Each presents the OpenAccess™ design that enables quick load and reload and a clear viewing window that assists in progress and media status inspections. Double-wall casing protects the printers from casual damage and reduces maintenance or replacement costs.

The LP 2844 Direct Thermal printer and the TLP 2844 Thermal Transfer printer utilize Windows® drivers and utilities for fast, easy installation and configuration, reducing preparation time and heightening efficiency.

On-Demand Versatility
Both desktop printers allow a printing resolution of 203 dpi at four inches (102 mm) per second in any of five bitmapped fonts, expandable 8x with soft font storage in flash memory for quick response to programming.

The LP 2844 and the TLP 2844 gift memory capacities of 256 KB SRAM and 512 KB Flash with optional 512 KB SRAM and 1 MB Flash to enable long print queues and uninterrupted print jobs, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Integration Utilization
The LP 2844 Direct Thermal printer and the TLP 2844 Thermal Transfer printer allow ideal integration into fast-paced, high-demand industries such as warehouse inventory tracking, medical environments—hospitals and laboratories and clinics—as well as shipping and receiving, to name only a few.

Whether businesses and industries choose the LP 2844 Direct Thermal printer or the TLP 2844 Thermal Transfer printer, versatility, efficiency, and dependency are theirs to claim.

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