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Industry Solutions

The benefits of using technology apply to almost any industry, since real-time communication and enterprise mobility offers significant gains for all businesses, regardless of size.

Here at POSMarket we can assist you with stock-control, asset-tracking, warehousing, productivity, cost control and increasing customer service. Our goal is to provide smart business solutions, solve problems and ensure industries run smoothly, provide greater efficiencies, business performance and profits, long-term.
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Retail Industry Solutions

Keep customers coming back and keep stock from running out. Check out our range of scanners, cash drawers, thermal receipt printers and cash registers.

Whether you're opening up your first business or you looking at upgrading your existing systems, POSMarket can fulfill all your point of Sale needs.

In today's commercial world, remaining competitive is essential. Businesses today find that upgrading their point of sale system is the effective way of doing this.

By upgrading your system you can ensure benefits such as the following:

  • Quicker Transactions
  • Increased Productivity
  • An Effective System Minimizes Employee Number - Reducing Costs
  • Increases Efficiency
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  • Hospitality Industry Solutions

    We can help you to decrease lines for your customers, complete tableside transactions with PDA's, or reward patrons with loyalty cards. We have a wide range of touch screens, scanners, PDA's and cash drawers.

    Whether you run a large hotel or a small cafe, you know that hospitality is a fast and busy industry. Because of this reliability, speed and organization is an essential part of your business.

    When choosing new products it is important to keep your industry in mind.

    POSMarket have a range of products specially suited to the busy environments often found in the kitchen or front of house. For example, we sell touch screen displays that are specially designed to withstand the moisture and heat often encountered in the kitchen.
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    Warehousing Industry Solutions

    Keep supply and demand in balance with on-demand printing and real-time information. Make your job easier by printing labels with an industrial label printer, track stock with your portable data terminal.

    Despite our name, POSMarket doesn't just supply Point of Sale products. We can also help you track inventory, conduct stock take and organize incoming and outgoing stock.

    Due to the nature of a warehouse environment, durability and reliability are both equally important. Choosing a well know reliable brand as opposed to a generic one, can make a lot of difference to productivity.

    Upgrading to the latest technology is an essential part of remaining competitive. You can achieve the following benefits:
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    Freight & Logistics Industry Solutions

    Would you like to track incoming and outgoing freight? While your drivers deliver and take delivery of packages. From Scanners and PDT's to portable label printers and receipt printers, we have everything to make your job easier.

    If you're in the freight and logistics industry or your business centres around tracking systems and timeframes, you need reliable products that will ensure the smooth running of your business. New challenges and opportunities are emerging as aggressive new service providers enter the global parcel and post industry, which was once dominated by national postal authorities. Competition is forcing all participants to maximize efficiency, offer new services, and find new sources of revenue in their markets.
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    Manufacturing Industry Solutions

    Track materials through your facility or through your supply chain using labels, barcode scanners and portable data terminals. Optimize your production and information flows.

    The manufacturing industry has never been so challenging. Customers are more demanding and margins are shrinking. POSMarket has the products to help you cut costs and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you need to track materials through your facility or through your supply chain, Zebra has the solution to provide accurate, end-to-end identification. Our printers and labels stand up to extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals, shock, and vibration of industrial environments. Optimize your production and information flows with bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) smart label solutions that provide the information you need for materials management, work-in-process tracking, quality control, and product identification.
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    Government Industry Solutions

    We can supply you with all your needs, from receipt printers and cash drawers, to barcode scanners and label printers. Less paperwork, less data entry, less time spent looking up records.

    POSMarket can provide your department with effective solutions, no matter what the job. Less paperwork, less data entry, less time spent looking up records - those who govern with less, truly govern best. Government agencies around the world count on productivity-improving solutions to help manage public safety, personnel administration, voter ID, benefits, military logistics, healthcare and medical records, revenue collection, and other public-sector applications.

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    Agriculture Industry Solutions

    Rugged identification solutions help manage assets from the ground up. Check out our range of rugged PDTs and scanners. Need sturdy long-last labels? Check out our huge range of consumables.

    Manage materials, equipment, and personnel more securely and efficiently with automatic identification solutions. Track and trace materials from their source to their destination, record equipment use and locations, identify employees and visitors, and more with printers and media that provide secure and unique identification.

    Agriculture Industry Solutions
    Agriculture is indispensable! It certainly plays a crucial role in the key issues facing humanity. By addressing support mechanisms that promote innovation as well as implementing rugged POS products and electronic devices; we will see our entire agriculture Industry greatly improved.
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    Construction Industry Solutions

    Automatically record materials received, asset locations, and equipment using asset tracking Software and hardware. Call us for more information!

    Put an end to losing tools and losing time when you track equipment and supplies with bar codes. Automatically recording materials received, asset locations, and equipment issued with bar code scanning sets a solid foundation for accurate asset management. POSMarket can supply printers that are durable enough for use in hard-hat environments and produce long-lasting labels to get the job done.

    Because the construction industry is so diverse; there are also as many applications that require different solutions, devices and software products according to the nature of the building company. Regardless of the type of construction firm; basic accounting software and skills as well as electronic equipment will be necessary to trade effectively. POSMNarket have the ideal Construction Industry Solutions including equipment that will automatically record materials received, asset locations and more using asset tracking Software and hardware. Want to know more? Call us for further information!
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    Education & Libraries Industry Solutions

    Timesaving printing solutions to meet all your staff, student, and asset identification needs. Need Labels and Printers? From scanners to receipt printers, whatever your needs may be we are here to help.

    Libraries can take advantage of our broad range of labeling solutions to save time in counter, shelf, and inventory operations. Create bar code labels that will stick with books, videos, CDs, and other resources and stay scannable through hundreds of check-in and check-out cycles. Eliminate empty trips between the shelves and the office with mobile printers that create shelf and asset labels wherever and whenever they're needed. For advanced item management and security, consider RFID printer/encoders for high-speed shelf inventory management and unattended check-in and check-out.
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    Healthcare Industry Solutions

    Improve quality and patient care with the accurate identification of patients, medications, samples, treatments, lab results, and records. We have a huge range of label printers, consumables and scanners. Ask one of our friendly consultants today to assist you make your purchase.

    The accurate identification of patients, medications, samples, treatments, lab results, and records provides the foundation for improving quality and patient care. Hundreds of hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and other healthcare facilities rely on products that will ensure all activity begins and ends with quality and accurate data.

    Hospitals and healthcare providers are now seeing the need to upgrade and modernize their systems. From touch screen information kiosks to portable data assistants for doctors and nurses, POSMarket can supply you with all the products you need to make you workplace a more efficient environment.
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    Security Industry Solutions

    Identification solutions that protect people, facilities, and assets.
    Whether you need professional ID cards and visitor badges for access control, or permanent labels for identifying assets and locations, POSMarket has ID card, bar code, and brand-protection printing solutions that let you produce and encode what you need, when you need it. Safeguard your employees and your information with secure, reliable, on-site printing solutions.

    Security Industry Solutions
    Security is a common denominator in all types of businesses today regardless if it’s in regard to protection against general theft, branding or identity theft that is particularly rampant with recent web-based technological advances.
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    Mining Industry Solutions

    Rugged identification solutions help manage assets from the ground up. From portable data terminals and scanners to software and printers, we can find a solution to meet your needs.

    Manage materials, equipment, and personnel more securely and efficiently with automatic identification solutions. Track and trace materials from their source to their destination, record equipment use and locations, identify employees and visitors, and more with printers and media that provide secure and unique identification. POSMarket can provide solutions for all your industry needs.

    Mining Industry Solutions
    The applications in the mining business are abundant regardless of what materials or elements being mined. From precious diamonds to iron-ore to all types of metals as well as the components necessary to run mining operations successfully; at least some basic electronic equipment and software systems is needed. Of course more than a few specialized ones that are tough enough to handle the harsh conditions of this often volatile industry wouldn’t go astray either! That’s where POSMarket comes in!
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