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Wearable Barcode Scanners

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rs507 and rs409
Zebra RS507 Ring Imager
Barcode Scanners > Wearable
From: $1,349.76
(including GST)

Whether your workers are handling and sorting packages picking or loading shipments in the warehouse or scanning barcodes to meet government regulations for tracking and tracing of product the ...

rs419 ring scanner
Zebra RS419 Ring Scanner
Barcode Scanners > Wearable
From: $1,111.94
(including GST)

When you put the small and lightweight RS419 1D ring scanner in the hands of workers who are using Zebra WT4XXX wearable mobile computers, then they're free to keep their hands and eyes ...

Zebra RS4000 1D Ring Scanner
Barcode Scanners > Wearable
From: $1,111.94
(including GST)

When paired up with Zebra's WT6000 wearable mobile computer, the RS4000 ring scanner keeps your workers hands and eyes free for items they are handling. This results in increased productivity ...

Zebra RS5000
Barcode Scanners > Wearable
From: $1,218.20
(including GST)

The RS5000 Ring Scanner is Zebra's wearable scanner designed for challenging warehouse & manufacturing environments. Suitable for sub-zero environments, it can be used in freezers and ...

Model 1569520515145
Zebra RS5100
Barcode Scanners > Wearable
From: $1,213.14
(including GST)

The RS5100 is the next generation in wireless ring scanner design. Designed for customer-facing areas as well as your warehouse & distribution centre, the RS5100 is so small your customers ...

HD4000 Unit
Zebra HD4000
Barcode Scanners > Wearable
From: $2,656.50
(including GST)

The HD4000 is the first of it's kind rugged enterprise head-mount display. When paired with Zebra's mobile computers, it overlays the most relevant information over your workers real ...

R70 Ring Scanner
Urovo R70 Ring Scanner
Barcode Scanners > Wearable
From: $737.00
(including GST)

The Urovo R70 ring scanner is a wearable Bluetooth 2D barcode scanner designed to increase worker productivity. When paired with the Urovo U2 wearable computer (or any mobile computer), it allows ...

sr5600 pic3
Urovo SR5600
Barcode Scanners > Wearable
Price: $CALL

The Urovo SR5600 is a revolutionary, compact, wearable barcode scanner that can be used as a ring scanner. wearable scanner on a glove, or a compact handheld scanner. It features a large capacity ...

rs6000 Front
Zebra RS6000 1D/2D Bluetooth Ring Scanner
Barcode Scanners > Wearable
From: $1,486.38
(including GST)

The Zebra RS6000 is the most advanced & rugged Bluetooth ring scanner in the industry. With the ability to scan faster and almost 4 times farther than the competition, and up to 5 times ...

8670 Kit
Honeywell 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner
Barcode Scanners > Wearable
From: $1,309.28
(including GST)

The 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner brings the exceptional 1D & 2D scanning performance of Honeywell's Granit & Xenon scanners into a compact & rugged ring scanner. With Bluetooth ...

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