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m 10 2d omni directional presentation scanner series opm10
Opticon M-10
Barcode Scanners > Presentation
Price: $CALL

The M-10 is an omni-directional presentation scanner. Offering Opticons high performance 2D CMOS Imager along with a well thought out ergonomic design, which allows the scanner being used in ...

f 780 series linear imaging scanner fbc780
Cino F-780
Barcode Scanners > Handheld
From: $133.58
(ex. GST)

The all new FuzzyScan FBC-780 series Long Range Linear Imager has set up a new standard as the best cost-performance solution for aim and shoot data capture applications. Equipped with the innovative ...

cd 3870 linear imager scanner series cd3870
Posiflex CD-3870
Barcode Scanners > Handheld
Price: $CALL

The Posiflex CD-3870 offers a longer range scanning capability, from 0 to 500 mm covering a wide range of scanning distances with an inexpensive price. Fast scanning rate up to 270 scans per ...

f 560 series linear imaging scanner f560
Cino F-560
Barcode Scanners > Handheld
From: $84.56
(ex. GST)

The CINO F-560 series Linear Imager is a low cost linear Imager scanner which was designed to replace traditional low cost Contact Scanners. The scanner is a very good and aggressive scanner ...

f 790 series linear imaging scanner f790
Cino F-790
Barcode Scanners > Handheld
From: $165.44
(ex. GST)

The Cino F790 linear imaging scanner is the best-of-class members of FuzzyScan family. Powered by innovative FuzzyScan 2.0 imaging technology and unique optical design, the F790 performs superb ...

f 780bt series cordless linear imaging scanner fbc780bt
Cino F-780BT
Barcode Scanners > Cordless
From: $427.70
(ex. GST)

A ruggedised, high performance Cordless Image Scanner for industry and general Purpose Applications. Thanks to the convergence of the new innovative FuzzyScan 2.0 Imaging Technology and Bluetooth ...

f 790bt series cordless linear imaging scanner fbc790bt
Cino F-790BT
Barcode Scanners > Cordless
From: $513.48
(ex. GST)

The Cino F790BT cordless linear imaging scanner presents a big leap in its class as the benchmark by combining the cutting-edge FuzzyScan 3.0 imaging technology, unique optical design and Bluetooth ...

f 790wd series wifi cordless linear imaging scanner f790wd
Cino F-790WD
Barcode Scanners > Cordless
From: $632.36
(ex. GST)

A World-Class Wi-Fi barcode scanner for enterprise wireless connectivity. Cinos F-790WD FuzzyScan Wi-Fi barcode scanner creates a leap in efficiency and productivity. It can be easily integrated ...

cobalto co 5300 series omin directional laser scanner cobalto
Datalogic Cobalto CO-5300
Barcode Scanners > Presentation
From: $214.46
(ex. GST)

The new Cobalto CO5300 omnidirectional presentation laser scanner guarantees an excellent value for customers looking for outstanding performance in a stylish and full-featured product. An elegant ...

magellan 3200vsi series omni directional imaging scanner mag3200vsi
Datalogic Magellan 3200VSi
Barcode Scanners > Presentation
From: $567.60
(ex. GST)

The Magellan 3200VSi bar code reader brings Datalogics new imaging technology to the high-volume point-of-sale. It is the first bar code scanner to duplicate the speed and wide field-of-view ...

magellan 1100i series omni directional imaging scanner mag1100i
Datalogic Magellan 1100i
Barcode Scanners > Presentation
From: $312.18
(ex. GST)

Aggressive imaging performance and intuitive operation reduces checker training and speeds checkout for better customer service. New imaging technology eliminates moving parts associated with ...

magellan 800i series omni directional imaging scanne mag800i
Datalogic Magellan 800i
Barcode Scanners > Presentation
From: $251.55
(ex. GST)

The Magellan 800i omnidirectional presentation scanner is a versatile data collection tool for many applications. It uses Datalogic ADCs latest digital imaging technology to provide intuitive ...

Datalogic Magellan 9300i
Barcode Scanners > Scale
From: $1,483.50
(ex. GST)

The Magellan 9300i scanner and scanner/scale: a new class of high performance bar code scanners. With digital imagers in all planes, the 9300i scanners read both 1D and 2D bar codes seamlessly ...

Datalogic Magellan 8400
Barcode Scanners > Scale
From: $1,883.40
(ex. GST)

Highest performing 5-sided bi-optic point-of-sale scanner available. Improves operational efficiency through outstanding first-pass read rates that provide an impressive value/performance ratio. ...

NCR RealPOS 7874
Barcode Scanners > Scale
From: $1,542.90
(ex. GST)

The NCR RealPOS Low-Profile Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale 7874 is designed to provide best-in-class performance, usability and flexibility for retailers around the world. With its compact, low-profile ...

NCR RealPOS7878
Barcode Scanners > Scale
From: $1,837.02
(ex. GST)

Leveraging input from retailers around the world, NCR designed the NCR RealScan 78 OFX bi-optic scanner scale to provide superior operational performance, flexibility and investment protection ...

fm 480 fixed mount linear imaging scanner series fm480
Cino FM-480
Barcode Scanners > Kiosk
From: $193.63
(ex. GST)

A Durable, High Performance Fixed Mount Linear Imaging Scanner for General Purpose and Industrial Applications. Choice of front-view or side-view model for diverse application demands.

dx8200a industrial barcode scanner series dx8200a
Datalogic DX8200A
Barcode Scanners > Industrial
Price: $CALL

The new DX8200A is a high-performance X-pattern laser scanner capable of omnidirectional bar code reading that provides an economical and easily installed single scanner solution for Transportation ...

powerscan m8300 industrial mobile laser scanner series pm8300
Datalogic PM8300
Barcode Scanners > Industrial
Price: $CALL

Datalogic's PowerScan readers are the top rated industrial handheld data collection products on the market. Synthesizing knowledge and experience, Datalogic is evolving the PowerScan family ...

powerscan m9300 industrial mobile laser scanner series pm9300
Datalogic PM9300
Barcode Scanners > Industrial
From: $528.90
(ex. GST)

The PowerScan PM9300 series includes different models able to satisfy all customers needs; the PM9300 is the basic cordless model, the PM9300-D intermediate model includes a display and 4-key ...

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